High Speed Stirrers /High Speed Disperser are extensively used for varied mixing
needs of Chemicals Pharmaceutical, Foods, Dairy, Paints, Coatings .Pigments,
Varnish, Adhesives industries. We manufacture High speed Stirrers in Mild steel.
Stainless Steel 304 or 316. with different types of Blades for different types of
function viz. Saw Tooth Blade, Impeller Blade, Propeller Blade, Stator Rotor type
Blade, Turbine Blade, Pitch Blade etc Different types of function of Mixing,
Dispersion, Shearing, Emulsifying etc can be achieved by using different kinds of
We also cater to the tailormade requirement other then the standard machines
manufactured using branded T.E.F.C or Flameproof Motors.
Saw Tooth Blade
Stator Rotor Impeller
Propeller Blade
Pitch Blade
Folding Propeller Blade
Turbine Blade
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