Spiral filters are used for Filteration of liquid with high solid contents in Chemical,
Food, Adhesives and other industries. Discharge of the cake in dry or wet form can
be done easily by opening and tilting of the filter Container and easily removing the
spring catridge.
  Filter Operation
The liquid with high solid contents to be filter is pumped or charged by gravity into
the filter container. A spring Catridge consists of spiral spring with a perforated pipe
passing through it and supported by studs The spiral spring is covered with filter
cloth and tied to the central hollow pipe at every turn of the spring to increase the
filteration area. The mixture to be filtered is passed through the filter cloth.The solid
remains on the filter cloth and the filterate is discharge through the perforated pipe
  S.S. Engineering Spiral Filters are fabricated from Stainless steel, Mild Steel, and
Rubber Lind